Family Friendly Disc Golf Course In Progress

Disc Golf is coming to Beech Fork State Park!

We are excited to announce that we are building not one, but two!, disc golf courses at Beech Fork State Park.

The first course is a family friendly, beginner level course with 9 holes and a par 27. It will be located around the headquarters building, making it easily accessible for our campers and the public.

The second course is a Pro 9 course with 9 baskets, 18 tees, and a par 37. This will be a technical course that makes use of water obstacles in 5 of the holes. Exciting, indeed!

We are honored to be working with Disc Golf World Champion Johnny Sias, who has donated his time and skills to design these courses.

With the courses designed, it's time to begin the work of building them!

We currently have the 9 baskets for the family course, and are in need of the materials and funds to set the tees and the signs. And we are also heavily fundraising for the funds and materials to begin work on the Pro 9 course.

We are offering hole sponsorships to the public and businesses for each of these courses.

The family course has 9 holes available for sponsoring. This gives the sponsor a lifetime signage at the tee on their hole, and this allows us to build concrete tees and install professional signage. The cost for a family hole sponsorship is $200.

The Pro 9 course has 9 holes for sponsoring. This gives the sponsor lifetime signage at the tee on their holes, and this allows us to purchase Innova baskets, install concrete tee pads, and install professional signage. The Pro 9 hole sponsorships are $400.

Family Course
#1 "The Huffy Family, Tim, Anita, Leland, and Clark"
#2 "In Loving Memory of Harold David Chaney Jr"
#3 "Loving Memory of our Dad - Sherman Gibson 1935-2017"
#4 "In Memory of David Kent Huff 4-7-1944 - 4-20-2010"
#5 Van Man Discs
#7 "In Memory of Corey "Buck" Day 1-7-75 - 2-20-2013"

Pro Course
#1 "Johnny and Adele Sias"
#2 Available
#4 "MOODisc Golf - Mid Ohio Organized Disc Golf"
#5 "For Piper and Poebum Bryan"
#6 Available
#7 Available
#8 "Johnny and Adele Sias"
#9 "The Farm Family of the Parker Branch Trust"

Your can donate funds to our project in 2 ways:

  • Mail in to: Beech Fork State Park Foundation, Inc. Attn: Disc Golf Course, 5601 Long Branch Road, Barboursville, WV 25504
  • Via our PayPal portal: 

Or you are welcome to donate materials and contact us for pick up/drop off. We are in need of bags of concrete, 2x4s, and landscaping timbers.