Summer is Ending, Activities for Bee Weekend of August 17th

Friday, August 24th
5:30pm Bocce Ball! Meet the Naturalist behind the camp store to play a fun game of bocce ball!  
7pm Selfie Scavenger Hunt! Meet the naturalist in the camp store to pick up a list and take silly pictures! YPP
Saturday, August 25th
11:30 Canoe and Kayak Water Trail Paddle! Meet at the boat launch area to join us on a paddle of the water trail.  The trail is 3 miles, life jackets are required by law, and you may bring your own boat.  Register at the office.  The park has a limited supply of kayaks and canoes available for rent.  Sign up in the office, or call for more details.  YPP
4pm Fishing Contest– Kids 14 and under can bring their fishing poles to the dock behind the boat rentals to try and win ice cream!  YPP
6:00pm Game Craft!  Meet the Naturalist in the activities room to make an awesome ancient board game with pieces you can take home!
8:00pm Ice Cream Bingo!- Meet the Naturalist in the activities room for some rounds of bingo, and win ice cream!  Fun for all ages!
Sunday, August 26th 
12pm Self-guided Nature Walk!– Find the Naturalist in the camp store and pick up a pamphlet to take on the nature trail and learn! YPP