Cancellation of Wildflower Festival

     Unfortunately, due to the uncertain nature of the virus that has spread throughout the world, we are going to go ahead and cancel the Wildflower Festival this year. We hope that everyone takes care of themselves and their family so that we can have a very productive and entertaining year out at Beech Fork State Park Campgrounds this year.

     Our spring and water trail cleanups have already been canceled and we will continue to do our best to keep everything updated throughout this epidemic.

     Wildflower Vendors will be issued a full refund since this is not an act of nature and much of the nation is shut down. Any questions about anything, just email us at or message through Facebook.

Covid-19 Statement

We know most people are concerned about upcoming events that are scheduled in our area. Although we can not speak for other venues in the tri-state area, we want to assure the vendors who have paid for spaces for the upcoming Wildflower Festival that we are monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus. The event is rain or shine, but with the virus spreading and being unsure as to a time span and future predictions, we can't make assumptions about what may come. 

Beech Fork State Park continues to be open. The trails are there to be used, camping and cabins available, disc golf course is still able to be used, and at the current moment fishing is available. The dam will not be closed until April 1st to allow water to start filling the lake, so there is very little water for boating and kayaking. Remember that you can always call the park office at 304-528-5794 for more information and camping.

Concerning Wildflower Festival, we will make a final decision by April 12th on weather we will continue with the festivities or cancel completely. If you have already paid as a vendor, we will refund you money upon cancellation and be sure to contact you next year as we start to plan again. 

Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines to protect your families and keep yourselves safe. We will make an announcement as soon as we can.